It is possible to obtain a registration through anyone of the following jurisdictions:

• United States
• United Kingdom
• Jersey
• Island of Man
• Gibraltar
• Cayman Islands
• Britain Virgin Islands
• Bermuda

Usually these registration represent the most universally accepted and, in case of trouble, the owners of yachts registered in those jurisdictions can use the help of respective councils(US and UK) all over the world.

People who purchase yachts registered in the jurisdictions above mentioned obtain a valid title during the purchase because of the necessary documentation for the registration.

In addition when a bank or another institution takes into consideration a financing, those yachts have an advantage over the others because, not only it is possible to obtain a legal title from the competent registers, but also the procedure to register a marine hypothec is easy and relatively cheap.


MARINE YACHT MANAGEMENT LIMITED can organize the registration of a yacht and the formation of a company in one of the following jurisdictions:

• Republic of Ireland
• Dutch Wes Indies
• Malta
• Barbados