This service represents an essential condition in the ownership of an important asset like a Yacht.
Although shares of a company are kept by people appointed in the name of the Client, in some cases this could not be sufficient in order to fulfil bigger objectives in patrimonial dispositions.
For example, one of the possible disadvantages about people appointed who keep the shares of a company is that, when they die, the shares probably will become part of inheritance of the client and the shareholders entitled in deposit shell take care of them under the institutions of the legal heir or of the administrators.

MARINE YACHT MANAGEMENT LIMITED is an expert at establishing structures to avoid complications like above mentioned using a fiduciary administration which usually is not funded through a public document. The fiduciary administration will be the owner of the shares of the company. This way the ownership usually goes from the client to the fiduciary administration.
This fiduciary administration can be divided in a way that the shares are kept in advantage of the client during his lifetime and, after his death, people appointed by the client will benefit.